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Eko rx esau
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binsus newbie

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PostSubject: explain skate   explain skate EmptyTue Apr 14, 2009 11:35 am

I wrote this guide for the many people who dont really know the complete rules of the game of skate.

Skate is a competetion between two or more skaters. The rules of skate are similar to the rules of the basketball game horse.


In skate the two or more playes start out a game, many times they will
pick who goes first by flipping their board into the air and one player
calles out griptape or graphic. if it lands on whichever they picked,
they go first.
The first player will start out and do a trick. if they land it then
the next player(s) will have to do that trick in the same stance.

If the first player lands a trick, and the following player atttemps
the same trick and fails to land it, then they get a letter of the word
skate. The players continue playing until one player does not land
enough tricks to spell out the word skate. If there are more than two
players they continue playing (while the players that lost are
eliminated from the game)until there is one man standing that hasnt
spelled out the entire word skate.

If you are the player that gets to choose the trick and u succesfully
land your trick, then you get another turn to choose a trick, this
continues until you dont land a trick.

Can a player do the same trick twice?

No. If a player could do the same trick twice all they had to do was
learn like lazer flips or sumthing and they could do it 5 times in a
row and i doubt anyone could keep up. A player can do a trick in a
different stance.
Like if someone does a kickflip another player can do a nollie/fakie/ or switch kickflip.

This isnt tony hawk version budds

Some people think that when they play skate all the other person has to
do is do a trick better than that to not get a letter. Like someone
would do a pop shuvit down a two stair and the other player would do a
nollie heel and say that the nollie heel was better.

how long do I have to hold a trick
Some people say when your doing a trick all you have to do is stick the
landing for 3-4 seconds. So if somone does a tre flip and lands it and
rides away clean for 3 seconds then hits a random little pebble its
okay. but some people dont like that rule.
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rara wawondos
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binsus newbie
rara wawondos

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PostSubject: ASEAN   explain skate EmptyWed Apr 22, 2009 11:31 pm

ASEAN is a organization in asian states in where for the first time ASEAN in to the word on 8th August 1967 and have a ten memebers states and they are :
1967 Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Filipina
1984 Brunei Darussalam
1995 Viet Nam
1997 Laos and Myanmar
1999 Cambodia

And ASEAN is a arganization have many functions to the members states and the one of it's
function and this function name is security politics:
ASEAN aims to protect each state for mutually helps if get attack of other state, not also make state area at ASEAN becomes activity test-driving place explosive test-driving or rudal.
and mutually helps in
-Economi sector,
-cultural social sector.
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explain skate
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