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 Example of a discussion text.

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Example of a discussion text. Empty
PostSubject: Example of a discussion text.   Example of a discussion text. EmptyWed Apr 15, 2009 11:11 am

Technology brings problems as well as benefits to humankind. Since Henry Ford began mass-producing them in 1908, outomobiles have provided us with a cheap and convenient means of transportation. However, they also brought us traffic jams and air pullution. A technological development that is changing our lives as much as the automobiles is the personal computer. Since 1980s, personal computers have become common in homes, schools, and businesses, and just as automobiles have brought unexpected problems, so have personal computers.

To begin with, communication by computer has caused some problems. Although we can easily send a message to hundreds of people in an instant, we can also receive hundreds of messages, both wanted or unwanted, in just a few minutes. It took several hours to read all of them. The lack of censorship in cyberspace is another problem that no one has solved yet. Our expanded ability to communicate means that anyone with a computer can communicate anything to anyone on any subject at anytime. Therefore, a computer-literate child can receive pornographic photos and listen to chat-room conversations about ****.

In addition to problems in communication, computers have also caused problems in business. They have created excellent opportunities for computerized crime. Computer criminals use their skills to obtain secret business information and to steal money. Moreover, the use of computers has depersonalized business. People are no longer costumers; they are account numbers. Face-to-face business transactions are no longer necessary, you can buy almost anything you need by computer, phone, or fax. Also, as telecommunicating becomes more common, workers in the same company interact with each other less and less. Someday it may be possible to have a company of people who have never met face-to-face.

It is clear that personal computers have made our lives easier, but they have done so at a cost. As with every new invention, there have unforseen consequences. It is up to us to find the solutions to the problems as well as to enjoy the conveniences of the new tool.

- The first paragraph is where we can find the issue/the main topic of discussion.
- The second and the third contain the arguments about the issue.
- The last paragraph is talking about the conclusion and suggestion.
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Example of a discussion text.
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