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A. Abstract
There is that every that along with getting better economy zoom therefore chance to eat even delicate the greater. Delicate eating used to mean with foods that its delicate taste. But goody terminology at metropolises apparently as alimentary as all the way nice, fried, and fats.
There is also other example as about party sieve really identic with goody. Usually we visit to go to kinsfolk house, then wolfs down menu already be presented by host. Its menu is even really can't take down from nice dessert, fried, and goody. Various alimentary as broiler, sugar, and as complement its crisply, mente's bean, or onion bean that everything is fried never absent at that celebration day.
There are many person have trend for omnivorous something without measurable and don't until excess because perilous to health. Everyone must like delicate eating. Eventually body has limitation to accept food substance with size given. As more as it will be discarded or piling at body as fat as under skin or as fat in blood. Since sooth, fat constitutes one of indispensable nutrient substance by body beside these other nutrient substance, as carbohydrate, protein, vitamin and mineral.
In body, 70% cholesterol is made own by heart and rest organ it are gotten direct of permeated digestion channel of alimentary. There are many cholesterol was contained by that goody gets to increase invasive effect disease risk veined through narrowing process and the so called vein gagging with atherosclerosis.
But, novice realizes that she suffers hyper cholesterol, terminology to titrate cholesterol in high blood pressure, after check its blood goes to laboratory. Laboratory result point out number 249 mg / dL that included tall cholesterol rate. It doesn't suspect at its relative age still young has suffered hyper cholesterol.
Society that realizes to titrate its tall cholesterol ought to so cautious in apply its eating pattern. Tall cholesterol by and large at defines by fat content that its amount overacting in alimentary our one consumes.
But, not many that know that hiperkolesterol constitutes cause risk factor death at young age. Base health Body reporting Universalizes on year 2002, on the books as much 4,4 million hiperkolesterol's effect death or as big as 7,9% of total deaths at young age.
Eventually hiperkolesterol or hiperlipidemia comprises diseased main risk factor invasive veined as modifiable PJK. Don't wait coming disease but trick conducting to fix it. Not sufficiently makes the point ordinary to settle hiperkolesterol, necessary smart trick to behave cholesterol. Momentously to know if blood cholesterol rate our normal or not. Is it possible there are phenomena which can make that sign our cholesterol rate was tall? Largely hiperkolesterol doesn't evoke phenomena.

B. Rational
Cholesterol in body can cause various diseases. Tall cholesterol not only been experienced by person that gets fat body, but scrawny person meaningless its cholesterol contemns. This can also befall men that still young. A variety age circle, shall try to trip healthy life pattern to be able to look after cholesterol in its blood makes an abode normal.
Most likely, on their behalf that gets lush body or experience obesities, usually titrates cholesterol in its body also tall. On the contrary, to is get skinny body, was obviously safe of tall cholesterol attack. There is also assumption hits in height cholesterol in blood just can happen on them that its age have carried the wind four, severely incorrect big. According to dr. Suyanto Sidik Sp.PD from RS Bintaro's International, Banten, and tall cholesterol can happen on young age, even at teen age.
Wrinkle that gets is clear at face can become one of that signal you are crescent old. But to know worked up it titrates your cholesterol can't recognize it of physical appearance. Even in height oftentimes cholesterol rate becomes aging consequence. But rise descent of old unacquainted cholesterol rate or young.
At this modern era, stripling can also experience serious health risk effect increases it cholesterol. To amount to weight disease as cardiac as, stroke is now not only attack oldster, but also young clan. Fortunately, to avoid cholesterol bad impact available a lot of thing who can be done. Healthy life and disciplined is principle and utilized main capital prevent cholesterol threat.
Usually frequent tall cholesterol patient suffers high blood pressure, but can just blood pressure it contemn. For blood pressure it contemns, herb therapy that is done has warier because a large part functioning herb down cholesterol usually also downs blood pressure.
Cholesterol is compound fat complex, one those 80% resultants from within body (heart organ) and 20% its rests from outside body (alimentary substance) to a wide variety function in body, for example forms cell wall.
Cholesterol that lies in alimentary substance that our eating gets to increase cholesterol rate in blood. But, in as much as this inclusion balance with the need, body we will healthy regular.
Cholesterol is not liquid deep leach blood, to it to be able to been transferred to all body needs to be packed with protein becomes the so called particle Lipoprotein, one that get as been looked on ‘carrier’ ( carrier ) cholesterol in blood. Cholesterol will be taken in by lipoprotein goes to a part body that requires it. Cholesterol or this fat component constitute energy source that give highest calorie and indispensable body, specifically for form cell walls in body.
If we don't manage to pattern our eating therefore problem it which is cholesterol in body will exceed requirement bounds or most agglomeration in veined wall so causing a condition so-called with atherosclerosis, namely narrowing or vein ossification. Titrate tall cholesterol it finally gets jam blood flow.
Cholesterol rate contemns usually better be compared with to titrate tall cholesterol, but too low rate also inauspicious. Momentous cholesterol because constitutes one of energy source that give highest calorie. Cholesterol results 9 calories, meanwhile carbohydrate results 4 calories.
Titrate bottommost cholesterol in body can trouble menstruating process and fecundity, even gets to cause sterility, well on man and also woman. Needful cholesterol in processes normal metabolite in body, to make reproduction hormone, wrapped up nerve network, vitamin dissolving, looking after cell membrane fluidity, communication among cell (developing brain network on children), looking after body cell perfection, helping process formation Vitamin d. in body, and makes bile.
To down salving cholesterol rate gets chemical material be accounted effective downs cholesterol. But indeed available sideways effect. You can try to down cholesterol rate by nature. So, we begin to look after balance among calorie that turns in at body via alimentary with activity that we do.
Cholesterol that we needs normally at alone production by body in number in point. Its production can increase overacting at a swoop jeopardizes if consumed food indigenous fat hewani, egg, cheese, seafood, and fried.
If we see, now cholesterol amount medley as above as so on familiar term with well-nigh eating pattern at all family circle, particularly middleweight onto. But, if is consumed in number which fairly, cholesterol won't evoke problem, just needful body as supplier nutrient.
Most verily, cholesterol can become friend, at a swoop versus. If cholesterol that we needs its subnormal point, it can be friends with or our friend. On the contrary, if its point upon normal, can become enemy who shall be defied.
Besides, controlling cholesterol is not its mean can't delicate eating, but reducing or avoids fat food.
In food exists 3 fat kinds namely:
• Saturated (saturated fat)
This fat available at food as egg yolk, jerohan, and cow brain. Better food as it has at avoids.
• Monounsaturated (fat is not saturated with single chain)
This fat available at food as shrimp and crab. This food included may at consumption by totals that circumscribed.
• Polyunsaturated (fat is not saturated double)
This fat available at food as fish that indigenous oceanic deep (tenggiri and tuna) one that oleaginous not saturated double and Omega 3. Foods as it ought to there are many consumed, since gets to help raises HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and downs LDL cholesterol (criminal cholesterol).

Ideally, consumption alimentarying to contain fat under 30 %, carbohydrate 50 60% and proteins 20%. Afford don't consume food get cholesterol until more than 300 mg every day. If we try to be not alimentary consume gets cholesterol, obviously result it will satisfy.

C. Goals
In these paper makings available aim which need us to know, which is:
ü Know deeper again about savvy of cholesterol
ü Knowing its happening causes cholesterols
ü Knowing cholesterols diseased phenomena’s
ü Knowing whatever food and drink that contain fat so begets cholesterol
ü Knowing whatever food that doesn't contain cholesterol
ü Knowing tricks to down cholesterols
ü Knowing alimentary type which gristle the most for at consumption by person that gets cholesterol

This is aims of therefore that my for. All this aim can prop deep makings this therefore that more complete and can be hoof make readers.

D. Objective
To the effect or target in this paper makings which is that we all know just how the importance for healthy life and avoid cholesterol danger.
Besides life style (life style), cholesterol also because of food, particularly alimentary one contains fat, as flesh, jeroan, shrimp, cockle, legume, margarine, chicken skin, egg yellow, chocolate, and milk squeezed from coconut. To fruit, durian and avocado comprises fruit that contain tall cholesterol.
Acknowledged cholesterol as trigger of health’s invasive sort, as hypertension, cardiac trouble, until stroke. Actually cholesterol constitutes needed element by body. But, if its rate laid it on thick in body will cause various disease.
Cholesterol check can be done since age 20 years. If normal cholesterol rate (LDL contemns / HDL high), therefore check can be done 5 years once. Otherwise, therefore check shall accord requirement and doing changing making for healthy life pattern. Because, insufficiently gets sport and have smoking wont and alcohol's consumption, can also cause to strike cholesterol. Even less, won’t consumes fat food and not controlled.
Therefore, over these paper makings I make aim or target in order to this paper can lap over properly.

E. Methodology
I. Interview
That cholesterol it:
• A circulating fat substance in blood, at production by heart and indispensable by body.
• But luxuriant cholesterol will evoke problem, particularly on cardiac vein and brain.
Of which CHOLESTEROL originates?
• One anyone have cholesterol in its blood, whereabouts 80% at production by alone body and 20% indigenous alimentary. Cholesterol that at production comprise of 2 types which is cholesterol HDL and LDL'S cholesterol.
• LDL'S cholesterol, are criminal cholesterol, one that if amount the luxuriant in blood will be appreciated on wall veined ding to form clot who can jam vein.
• HDL'S cholesterol, are good cholesterol, that have function clearing vein of excessive LDL cholesterol. HDL'S cholesterol rate that tall constitutes a good sign along LDL'S cholesterol less than 150 mg / dl.
• Besides available also Triglyceride. This fat is molded as a result of food metabolite, not only which gets fat form but also alimentary one gets to form carbohydrate and protein that overacting, that don't the lot needed as source of energy. This triglyceride’s rate will increase if we consume calorie overacting, are even greater than our requirement.

Why is tall blood cholesterol constitutes problem?
Since tall blood cholesterol constitutes one of factor risk who can cause:
1. Gagging on veined cardiac one gets to evoke coronary.
2. Gagging on veined brain which can evoke stroke's attack.
How that we can monitor cholesterol rate?
The only way monitor cholesterol rate and blood fat is by undertaking blood example check that taken by your after doing fasting up to one night or 10-12 hours.
Get do titrate normal blood cholesterol?
• Totaled cholesterol< 200 mg / dl
• HDL'S cholesterol 35 – 65 mg / dl
• LDL'S cholesterol< 150 mg / dl
• Triglyceride< 200 mg / dl
• Ratio is cholesterol total: HDL'S cholesterol< 5
What causative increase CHOLESTEROL in blood?
1. Genetic factor
produced overdose body cholesterol. As we know 80 % of cholesterols in blood at production by alone body. There is some people which produced more cholesterol a lot of \than the other. This was caused since offspring factor. On this person scanty despite just consume food one that contain cholesterol or saturated fat, but regular body only produced more cholesterol a lot of.
2. Alimentary factor
of many alimentary factors, consume is fat constitutes thing that momentously to been noticed. Fat constitutes foodstuff one that momentous, if we don't eat fat that adequately therefore energy we will decrease, but if we eat fat that
overacting can beget vein damage. As known by fat in alimentary gets to come from meat, but at consume source Indonesia fat type can be differentiated
as 2 which is:
• Indigenous saturated fat flesh, coconut oil.
• Fat is not saturated consisting of: acid omega fat 3, acid fat omega 6 and acid omega fat 9.

II. Observation
Of my watch, apparently cholesterol can be cured by easy way. But, that all pending of our one wants to get over. Cholesterol also 80 % originates from within bodies and 20 % indigenous alimentary. Subdivided cholesterol becomes 2 a part which is Cholesterol LDL is criminal cholesterols and Cholesterol HDL is good cholesterols. Apparently cholesterol also breakneck to high blood pressure patient. Increasing it cholesterol in subdivided body as 2 factors which is factor genetic and factor is foods.
III. Question
1) What do at intention with cholesterol?
2) Of which cholesterol originates?
3) Why tall blood cholesterol is constitutes problem?
4) How that we can monitor cholesterol rate?
5) Get do titrate normal cholesterol?
6) What causative increases it cholesterol in blood?

IV. Literature study
In this paper making, I take literature of a variety kind which is:
ü Internet
ü Books about cholesterol, and
ü Another Literature.
Of all these matters, I can get savvy and science assortment about cholesterol.
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