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 chapter 1 : diabetes mellitus

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Margaretha lamaranti
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chapter 1 : diabetes mellitus Empty
PostSubject: chapter 1 : diabetes mellitus   chapter 1 : diabetes mellitus EmptySun Aug 09, 2009 4:30 pm

Diabetes Mellitus is one of disease which right usually be suffered and serious chronic disease at current Indonesia. And a half of total Mellitus's diabetes case is not must be diagnosed since in a general way diabetes doesn't be espoused phenomena until its happening complication. Diabetic’s diseased prevalence increase since life style change happening and any other as it.
Societies far advanced in years are part of family and society member that progressively increases amount the in line with a spark of life age step-up. With its crescent far advanced in years therefore task we as juvenile as smart and responsible are us can nurse them because we know that prodigious one strike that disease are their already far advanced in years. But we also as young man may not default because we can also strike that disease.
Diabetes disease can down physical health and psikis. Its mean, we experience changing toward negative. Physical health setback and psikis can ascendant on economic activity and social. Influence to economic condition begets we can't work to meet the need life and condition of social cause reducing the social's relationship between society. Economic problem that is experienced is about requirement accomplishment as clothing, food, housing, health, recreation and social. With physical condition and psikis what does descend cause us indigent result to talk shop that productive. At our requirement kind sort lives every day one progressively increase of previously, one other side is charged for meeting fairy of poised nutriment requirement, health check routinely, care for what do suffer from. Therefore, if we have can't again so we will only need help of others with the meaning we cannot live independent. But extant despite of person its physical condition rather disrupted but constant wants to look for work to be able to fund life. But the present day is so difficult since available a lot of regulation who shall be done but we can't do it because in reference to descent of physical condition. So in common ascendant will outgrow on life activity every day.
Common problem that is engaged descent of physical health which is we are easily to be attacked disease because system immune is drop and marks sense influence from outside. If we are being attacked by disease therefore all our work or plan will be delayed since we can't do work with condition of body which ran down. One of disease which can make our body runs down is mellitus's diabetes. This disease can be suffered who just and can take in us on death. Since accords data, death that begat by mellitus's diabetes gets to increase. therefore, over paper this writer hopes that reader can see and understanding hit mellitus's diabetes on sectioned study.

There are many people consider that diabetes disease is diseased new, even there is that consider that disease identical with potato eating and finally cuts foot. So that, I interested for write paper about diabetes mellitus that they a loss to understand and not incorrect in action take to tackling that disease.
Human need to eat then that food can consist of carbohydrate, protein and fat. Glucose is a part of smallest carbohydrate. In human body, glucose used to form energy. If luxuriant therefore insulin task a human body deep enzyme be subject to be keep sugar excess in blood goes to form reserve at heart, muscle and another organ.
If process upon happens balance, so glucose excess in human body won’t bringing on disease. But if content insulin low, or insulin are not at production, this can bringing on glucose content pile up in blood or that more famous with diabetic. Diabetic, or in medical terminology we know with diabetes mellitus, can experience everybody, well that thin or fat, young or old, woman or man. As well as other disease, diabetes mellitus also have indication. The indication there is typical, or be said to be classic indication and are not typical indication.
Mellitus’s diabetes has to increase tall and preconceived prevalence available vicinity 16 million diabetes case at United States Of America and each year it at diagnosis 600.000 new cases. At America, diabetes constitutes death cause and constituting the root cause blindness on effect adult from retina diabetic. Least diabetes patient 2 ½ a more regular time strike coronary be compared with by them that don't suffer diabetes’s. According to data WHO, Indonesia stays 4th thread to be outgrown in number mellitus's diabetes patient at the world. On year 2000 available vicinities 5,6 million Indonesian residents that suffer from diabetes. But, on year 2006 presumed total diabetes patient at Indonesian worked up sharp becomes 14 million person, where 50 aware percent have suffered diabetes and within they about 30 coming percent get doctor. Mellitus's diabetes disease is chronic diseased faction one marked by sugared rate step-up in consequent blood marks sense metabolite system trouble in body, where is pancreas organ that produced can't insulin accord body requirement. Insulin is hormone that down blood glucose and formed by beta cells Langerhans island pancreas. According to Price & Wilson, diabetes mellitus is invasive metabolite which genetics and clinical included heterogeneous with manifestation as a loss carbohydrate tolerance. So, in common gets to be concluded that cause of diabetes mellitus is insufficiency happening insulin.
Diabetes mellitus can be classified as many factions, amongst those mellitus's diabetes classification terminological American Association's diabetes, diabetes is classified as:
a. mellitus's diabetes that consisting of two types which is:
1. mellitus's diabetes Type one or Juvenile Onset or Dependent's Insulin Mellitus's diabetes, one that its cause is still idiopathic and pretty much can also because of diseased autoimmune,
2. mellitus's diabetes Type two or Non Insulin Dependent Mellitus's diabetics, one that is caused since its happening combine of disablement in insulin production and resistance to insulin or sensitifitas dwindling to insulin (mark sense network response effect to insulin) one that involves receptor insulin at cell membrane.
b. mellitus's diabetes pregnancy or more one known as Gestational Mellitus's diabetes, one that is caused since secrecies step-up happening a variety hormone that have effect metabolic to glucose so pregnancy tolerance is a diabetogenik's situation.
c. Other specific type causative intolerance glucose, which is cell function genetic defect beta, insulin job genetic defect: resistance’s syndrome weight insulin, endokrinopati from Cushing Syndrome and akromegali, pancreas endocrine disease, doctor or clinical ala induction and infection.
d. Glucose tolerance trouble
e. Fasting glucose trouble
Clinical Manifestation in common was known by a lot of person as tries diabetics which is pleura, polidipsia, polifagia. Another phenomenon is view chase away, giddiness, bellyful and its dwindling robustness up to does sport. Diabetes patient that insufficiently been controlled more susceptible to infection. Since lack for insulin which weight, so before trips diabetes patient cure type one always experience decrease body weight, meanwhile a large part type diabetes patient two not experience decreases body weight.
Largely diabetes case is type diabetes 2 be caused by factor off springs. But off spring factor just inadequate to cause someone strikes diabetes because risk it just as big as 5%. Apparently type diabetes 2 a more regular happen on person that experiences obesities or life style effect fatness that be tripped.
Diabetes mellitus often at conceive of the great imitator because this disease gets to hit all body organ and evoking various complaint kind with highly varied phenomena. That phenomena get to happen long times without noticed until while that person goes to doctor and checked by its blood glucose rate. Sometimes clinic picture of woolly diabetes and new diabetes to be found at the moment buffer or check for diseased other.
The other is data says, diabetes mellitus constitutes a metabolic diseased group with characteristic hyperglycemia that happening because abnormality secrecy insulin, insulin job, or the two. Hyperglycemia chronic on diabetes is engaged long term damage, and disfungsi some body organ, particularly winks, kidney, nerve, heart, and vein, one that evokes various complication kind, for example atherosclerosis, neuropati, renal failure, and retinopathies. At least half of diabetes patient population far advanced in years doesn't know if they suffer diabetes because that thing is reputed constitute changing physiological one be engaged age increase.
Diabetes mellitus on far advanced in years by and large is type diabetes that don't depend insulin. Mellitus’s diabetes prevalence gets to increase on far advanced in years. Increasing it mellitus’s diabetes prevalence at umpteen effects effloresce state increasing prosperity at pertinent state regarded by a lot of factor for example revenue enhancement perkapita and life style change especially at metropolis causes diseased prevalence step-up degenerative.
Total patient diabetes mellitus at Indonesian ever increasing where currently is estimated about 5 million more islanded Indonesian or meaning 1 of 40 residents Indonesian to suffer diabetes’s.
Find is diagnosed early and handle that on far advanced in years that suffer Decameter was seen by enough its mean essential for patient viability. Besides skinning on far advanced in years that included jeopardy talling to suffer Decameter also advisable is done to avoid its diseased happening or even avoid more complication.
Until now there is person which understood about diabetes. Therefore, there is that looks on that diabetes just experienced by particular men as far advanced in years. But actually that false. Even children can experience that disease if they get the run around and noticed by its health. If we have known what do intended with diabetes therefore we also mast won't know what cause and that disease phenomena. Therefore we shall ever notice all something which we consume, notice activity because our not tofu of which and what does make we pain.
If someone has experienced that disease therefore sure we will trip or doing various tricks for can get over. But, over and above therapy which we trip, we shall also trip healthy life style, in order not to happen diabetes complication that will make us will progressively suffer.

There is even that as writer aim in writes paper this is that readers know:
1. What diabetes real
2. Diabetes causes
3. Phenomena and diagnosis
4. Diabetes cure trick
5. Healthy life style that we shall trip
6. Children can suffer diabetes
7. Diabetes complication

Diabetes mellitus is not diseased one be easily to be cured, to it to everyone of children comes up far advanced in years writer hope to give time to know comprehensive about diabetes. Expected to everyone for always tries to keep in good health by always do the best one for our body which is with healthy living pattern because with healthy body therefore all activity we will walk properly.

As human as ordinary which restrains from perfection so in this paper's writing writer does some ways for can get various information hits this disease. There is method even that is:

Interview is one of the ways that is utilized to get information. Writer utilizes to methodic it for can get information about diabetes mellitus. Writer does interview with one of clinical student already get that material. In interview that writer asks a few things which is:
1. What is mellitus's diabetes cause?
2. How to nursed diabetes patient?

In literature study writer chooses one of book which be gotten at one of book figure that is at Manado. That book gets diabetes title. There columnist gets various information hit diabetes mellitus. In that book available many materials that really help writer in writes this paper, for example about diabetes savvy, cause of, phenomena and diagnosis, cure, diabetes on children, diabetes complication, and healthy way of living. Besides it also, to back up data of that book writer also take data of Internet to be able to mutually completes. Writer also takes data from internet, which has wider information.

Observation or watch constitutes one of data collecting tech / fact that adequately effective to study a system. Observation is observing direct decision makers following environmental its physical and or direct watch an activity that be walks. In this method writer will do watch at one particular activity which is engaged diabetes disease.

With see information that writer gets, writer is still perceive to need to add information. In consequence as scarce as writer final tries to utilize method this which is answers severally question which be attributed to society those are on environmental writer. Of their writer will take information is next will be conclusion.

Margaretha. Lamaranti
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chapter 1 : diabetes mellitus
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