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binsus newbie
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PostSubject: lanjutan.....   lanjutan..... EmptySun Aug 09, 2009 4:43 pm

1.3 Goals

In my paper, of course have some purpose. That is:
• To fulfill the final task English Language
• To coach English speaking ability
• To add reader knowledge about the children's life that suffers Autism
• As an auxiliary resources for the perception of the people
• As a reference for reader, to know how to conform to the children that has Autism's disease. Especially for the parents who have child with Autism
• To give understanding for the people that doesn't know about it, so that don't happens misconception about the theory in human race

1.4 Objective

One of aim of this writing is to add the people knowledge about the children that have Autism disease. And according to the aim, there are many characteristic about the people who must know it. But writer not intends that this task just attributed for the special people. But, for they that really need knowledge about Autism disease. So, this task is its more important for:
• They who have brothers, sisters and child that have Autism disease

• They who get skill in medical world
• They who want to become psychologist or doctor especially at mental area as it
• They who want to do research or more observation about Autism's disease
• They who interest with this Childhood Autism's study
• They who have Autism's disease when they were child but was healing when they are adult
• They who want more fact about Autism's children
Certainly, this is can very help and supports the people to reach their purpose as have already printed on above characteristic of the people.

1.5 Method Research

In these makings of course available method those are done to prop research that I do. And the methods that I do, for example:
• Interview
Interview is done to them that have sisters, brothers, son, or daughter with this disease. Over this interview founded more a lot of fact that concrete that can direct get at the nearest home environment. Interview is done on them that measure up hereunder:
 They that have more knowledge about Childhood Autism
 They that have sisters, brothers, son, daughter with these disease
 They were have this disease when they were child
And the questions about:
 Cause of happening it Autisms disease
 Autis's child phenomena
 Action by children with Autism
 Solution in point to face child with diseased it
 Needful time a child arranges to be damped down is accounted since first time gets doctor
 Parents expectation to their child’s that have Autism

• Internet
Another observational source is Internet, since passes through Internet can be found a lot of reference that variably hits savvy, cause of, phenomena, and its tackling. And its image can also help us more know this disease flank with clearer.
• Reading Comprehensive
With well-read book which work through hit Autism’s disease, therefore add material in paper this. Since book in common constitutes media who can get person so may not bungling make it. And indeed, this book is more strengthens my paper.
• Questionnaires
Obviously broadcast by leaflet about people's opinion with this disease. With percentage is analyzed bases participant those are on even school district. The characteristic of the questions like:
 Do you know about Autism?
 Do you have sister or brother that have Autism disease?
 Are you having Autism when you were a little child?
Questions upon utilized to look for data, one how much person which know Autism’s disease, since until now extant just men that doesn't know about autism. Via laconic question, therefore can also be gotten data about brothers and sisters we outside that have autism’s disease, one that its environment not far with us. And to the effect this leaflet broadcast namely to account men percentage that formerly have once Autism.[/justify]
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