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 Genetics Engineering : What and How

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Genetics Engineering : What and How Empty
PostSubject: Genetics Engineering : What and How   Genetics Engineering : What and How EmptyMon Aug 10, 2009 12:32 am

1.1 Abstract
Today, technology in precociousness. Technology like the only way to give us solution. In every sector already know technology. Start from children until adult, have known technology.
Developing IPTEK is one phenomenon and unquestionably fact happening as one process which happens continually for global life that not also know stop terminology, it as toned as with one revealed by Ibnu Khaldun in his speech “ No unchanged man society ” thus Deeping to respond IPTEK'S developing, discontinue the way change constitutes to talk shop impossible.
What is biotechnology? One that as currently problem is its Gnostic minim society hit biotechnology that alone. Just men that most draw for do that thing, one that more know in that respect. Until emerging controversy between societies does biotechnology effloresce currently one get to be corrected.
Biotechnology comes from to say bios that living matter and teuchos that living matter tool and logos that knowledge matter.
Biotechnology is being purpose or life system to problem solving or to result beneficent product. So biotechnology not new penetration of technology, because in fact biotechnology there’s been since ancient centuries.
Biotechnology classically was known by man since thousands last years. For example, at foods technological area be beer makings, bread, and also cheese already being known since 19th century, plant glorification to result new variety at agricultural area, and glorification and animal reproduction. At medical area, biotechnology's implement at proved past for example with vaccine find, antibiotic, and despite insulin is still in number finite as the impact of imperfect ferment process. Changing significant happens after bioreactor’s find by Louis Pasteur. With this tool, antibiotic production and also vaccine gets to be done by collectively.
There is history even developing biotechnology can be figured as follows:
Year Developing / Find
1917 Karl Ereky introduces terminology biotechnology
1943 Penicillin at production in industrial scale
1944 Avery, MacLeod, McCarty announce that DNA is material genetic
1955 Watson & Crick determines DNA'S structure
1961 Journal Biotechnology and Bioengineering
1961 - 1966 All genetic encoding most reveals
1970 restricts endonuklease's enzyme first time is insulated
1972 Khorana and his friend’s successful synthesis chemically exhaustive tRN's gene
1973 Boyer and Cohen explains DNA'S technology
1975 Kohler and Milstein enlightens production
monoclonal's antibody
1976 Tech developing to determine
Structure DNA
1978 Genetech results man insulin in
1980 US Supreme Court: Yielding microorganism
Manipulation can be patented
1981 For the first time it automated DNA
Synthesizers sold commercially
1981 For the first time kit based diagnostics
Agreed antibody to be used at United States Of America
1982 For the first time animal vaccine usufructs
DNA Recombinant’s technology agreed by its using up at Europe
1983 Plasmid Ti usufructs genetic engineering to be used for transform’s plant
1988 US Patent is given to protect engineering result genetic so vulnerable to cancer (to tumor research)
1988 Polymerase Chain Reaction's method at publication
1990 USA: Agreed-on experimental cell gene therapy
somatik on human
1997 Cloning is animal (Dolly's sheep) of adult cell (cell goat)
2000 Transgenik's plant pros and cons at Indonesian.
Transgenik's cotton is planted out at south Sulawesi
2001 Transgenik's simian construction (ANDi) one that
Containing GFP'S gene of brachiopod
On this term, biotechnology is amends so quick, particularly at forward states. This progress marked by found its various technological kind one for example genetics engineering, network culture, recombinant DNA, propagation of mother cell, cloning, etc. This technology enables to get genetic disease healings and also chronic ones can't yet be cured, as cancer or AIDS even. Research at mothers cell developmental area also enable patients stroke or disease even other that begets to lose or damage on body network can get over as it was before. At food area, by use of genetics engineering technology, network culture and recombinant DNA, can plant resultant with character and superior product because contain more nutrient substance if than ordinary plant, and also more bates to pest and also environment pressure. Biotechnology’s implement at this term can also be met on conservation environment of pollution. For example, on shed petroleum decomposition to go out to sea by bacteria, and substance decomposition that gets poison character at river or salt water by use of new type bacteria.
Severally technological one constitutes Biotechnology is:
1. Monoclonal's Antibody technology (TAM)
TAM utilizes system cells the so called antibody immunity. With know antibody ways of working, therefore we can utilize its for need to detect, quantization, and localization. TAM is currently was utilized for pregnancy detection, diagnosis tool various infection disease and cancer cells detection.
2. Bioprocess technology
Bioprocess technology utilizes cells lives or biochemical mechanism component for synthesis, describe or frees energy. Including technology bioprocess is ferment and biodegrades.
3. Cell technology and Network culture
Cell technology and network culture is technological one enable us to growth up cell or nutrient interior wiring suitably at laboratory. This technology gets to be done on plant and also animal.
4. Biosensor's technology
Biosensor’s technology constitutes affiliate among biological molecular and microelectronics. Technology biosensor can be utilized in various areas as measurement of freshness degree a food material, monitor an industrial process, or detects compound that exists in modicum in blood.
5. Genetics engineering
DNA Recombinant’s genetics or technology engineering constitute backbone and trigger comes into the world it biotechnology molecular. DNA recombinant at construction by merges genetic material of two or more source which variably or doing changing ala is aimed at one particular given genetic materials. Engineering genetic to constitute man effort looks for varieties or most appropriate channel.
6. Technology Engineers Protein
Technology engineers frequent protein to be utilized coincides by genetics engineering to increase profile or performance a protein and for construction new protein that naturally no. With technology engineers our protein can increase catalysis energy an enzyme, so gets more productive on industrial process conditions.
Progress at area biotechnology not escapes of variety controversies which girdle its technology developing. For example, cloning technology and genetics engineering to food plant get lampooning of a wide variety faction.
But, despite of problem as has already been worded above, society intention to know how to biotechnology that can happen or gets to be done is not subsiding. One of biotechnology what does make society asks at this epoch is Genetic Engineering, which is being done cloning and agricultural product usufructs to engineer genetics.
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Genetics Engineering : What and How
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