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 Chapter 1 : The Miracle of Children Mind Improving

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Virginia Carrol
binsus newbie
binsus newbie
Virginia Carrol

Female Number of posts : 8
Age : 26
Location : Tomohon
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Registration date : 2009-03-13

Chapter 1 : The Miracle of Children Mind Improving Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 1 : The Miracle of Children Mind Improving   Chapter 1 : The Miracle of Children Mind Improving EmptySun Aug 09, 2009 1:30 pm

1.1. Abstract

The life quality of human increases age by age. Nothing arguments is strong enough to force this argument. This is fact. Scientists find new inventions every season and its completion already exists every term. What the reason this condition could happen? It is because there is intelligent generation which always repairs the world. Generation by generation print prides which included to human civilization developing. And because this reason, at the present, there is emulation appearance to survive each other. If someone does not have skill adequately, he cans not survive in this world which always amends. Emulation now forces everyone to have enough intelligent so that can compete in life. Compete means not only emulate but also corporation. In this case, intelligent is needed to can help someone have competition skill and corporation skill at a swoop. Competition in life strove for intelligent, skill, confident, and value. Without enough intelligent, someone will be loser. Matter of someone cannot be basis for bright future if someone cannot analyze, process, and explain something to be valuable. People already face with one big door which have name competition era and leaves big house which have name reformation era.

New competition is opened and is needed by people and instance around the world because there is big changing in world. The changing are job type and character, economic, social, politic, transportation, ecology, climatology, relationship each other, and communication. Imagine this statement, employee do not have opportunity for forward than career as self-employed, business owner, and investor. This statement indicates that many new competent are needed so that people can response, anticipate, and follow up the changing that happened. This statement view that competent is main and central at globalization era. Competent is more important than matter because competent are guidance and affiliate of knowledge, skill, and confident.

In the next era, children will face with the truth that world is not static. For examples are nano technology revolution, information technology revolution, and cyber world. Nano technology revolution which is viewed is inventions in physics side. Scientist competes to invent something which has form very small like chip. Computer is one result in this revolution. The other revolution is information technology. In this revolution, features tools like film and photographic are perfected. The things’ cost becomes cheaper. People can view all instance without be limited by distance and time. The next step in globalization era is cyber world. Cyber world force local culture to assimilate with global culture and one example of global culture is pop culture (mall and movies). These explanations are enough to describe challenge of life. In the future, challenge of life will wilder than now. Complete the children with smart brain are very important. This thing will help them to can bright and be leader in the future. Besides that, children can be readier to face with all bad things which may be appearance in the future. In this globalization era, world needs mind that active and creative because globalization era is based on knowledge. In this case, competence is main, important, and strategic. It make people must gain control some competences as minimal standard to can think and survive.

One medium that could use to measure the intelligent level is Intelligent Quotient or IQ. Many institutes use IQ as requisite to be accepted by them. It means that high IQ is needed by everybody to get bright future. IQ always amends in every part of human life but there is one period when IQ amends quickly. We can use this period to increase IQ growing for children as the next generation. Have high IQ similar to have more opportunities than they who have low IQ because IQ is believed by people as intelligent measure for someone. For example is there are many school which use IQ test as the basic of essay input. Imagine if your child cannot get away just because his IQ does not up to standard point. The important thing does not stand on how many your IQ point but how many achievement you get through your IQ. According to Schmidt and Hunter, "for hiring employees without previous experience in the job the most valid predictor of future performance is general mental ability." The validity depends on the type of job and varies across different studies, ranging from 0.2 to 0.6. However IQ mostly correlates with cognitive ability only if IQ scores are below average, making it less useful for predicting performance of higher scorers. Also, IQ is related to the "academic tasks" (auditory and linguistic measures, memory tasks, academic achievement levels) and much less related to tasks where precise hand work ("motor functions") is required. For highly qualified activities (research, management) high IQ scores are very relevant, whereas for less qualified activities, physical ability (body speed, hand-eye coordination) is more important. According to Marley Watkins and colleagues, IQ is a causal influence on future academic achievement, whereas academic achievement does not substantially influence future IQ scores. Treena Eileen Rohde and Lee Anne Thompson write that general cognitive ability but not specific ability scores predict academic achievement, with the exception that processing speed and spatial ability predict performance on the SAT math beyond the effect of general cognitive ability. The American Psychological Association's report Intelligence: Known and Unknown states that other individual characteristics such as interpersonal skills, aspects of personality etc. are probably of equal or greater importance, but at this point we do not have equally reliable instruments to measure them, although, more recently, others argue that since most of professional tasks are now standardized or automated, and ranked IQ is a stable measurement over time with high correlation with many positive personal traits from the general population, it is the best tool to help determining the best hiring and job placement at any stage in a career, independently of experience, personality bias or any formal training one may acquire.

Some researchers claim that "in economic terms it appears that the IQ score measures something with decreasing marginal value. It is important to have enough of it, but having lots and lots does not buy you that much." Other studies show that ability and performance for jobs are linearly related, such that at all IQ levels, an increase in IQ translates into a concomitant increase in performance.[75] Charles Murray, coauthor of The Bell Curve, found that IQ has a substantial effect on income independently of family background. The American Psychological Association's report Intelligence: Known and Unknown states that IQ scores account for about one-fourth of the social status variance and one-sixth of the income variance. Statistical controls for parental SES eliminate about a quarter of this predictive power. Psychometric intelligence appears as only one of a great many factors that influence social outcomes. One reason why some studies claim that IQ only accounts for a sixth of the variation in income is because many studies are based on young adults (many of whom have not yet completed their education). Arthur Jensen claims that although the correlation between IQ and income averages a moderate 0.4 (one sixth or 16% of the variance), the relationship increases with age, and peaks at middle age when people have reached their maximum career potential. In the book, A Question of Intelligence, Daniel Seligman cites an IQ income correlation of 0.5 (25% of the variance). A 2002 study further examined the impact of non-IQ factors on income and concluded that an offspring's inherited wealth, race, and schooling are more important as factors in determining income than IQ. For example, in 2004 African-American workers had the second-highest median earnings of American minority groups after Asian Americans and among minority groups, only Asian Americans were more likely to hold white-collar occupations (management, professional, and related fields) despite the significant IQ gap between African and Asian Americans.

In addition, IQ and its correlation to health, violent crime, gross state product, and government effectiveness is the subject of a 2006 paper in the publication Intelligence. The paper breaks down IQ averages by U.S. states using the federal government's National Assessment of Educational Progress math and reading test scores as a source. There is a correlation of -0.19 between IQ scores and number of juvenile offences in a large Danish sample; with social class controlled, the correlation dropped to -0.17. Similarly, the correlations for most "negative outcome" variables are typically smaller than 0.20, which means that test scores are associated with less than 4% of their total variance. It is important to realize that the causal links between psychometric ability and social outcomes may be indirect. Children with poor scholastic performance may feel alienated. Consequently, they may be more likely to engage in delinquent behavior, compared to other children who do well. IQ is also negatively correlated with certain diseases. Tambs found that occupational status, educational attainment, and IQ are individually heritable; and further found that "genetic variance influencing educational attainment ... contributed approximately one-fourth of the genetic variance for occupational status and nearly half the genetic variance for IQ". In a sample of U.S. siblings, Rowe et al report that the inequality in education and income was predominantly due to genes, with shared environmental factors playing a subordinate role.

Our nation has many clever people will, included to children. Children are asset of this nation. Hundreds of infants have born every year and make opportunity of new great generation creating. Imagine if one of twenty five infants who were born is genius. In one hundred natal, Indonesia gets four genius children who ready to increase nation life quality. Fortunately, this value could increase term to term. Imagine if more a lot of genius children is given birth in this nation, the opportunity to be ideal nation will be outgrow. It is fact that to be great nation we not only need intelligent people but also all supporting mediums but the evidence said also that intelligent people also takes part in quality of life developing. It will make effloresces state, like Indonesia, need more clever people.

Intelligent people are invaluable treasure for nation. Insufficiently ability thinks make our nation grow hardly and lose in many international competition, like economy, politic, science, etc. This condition force the present generation draws up the next generation to be better than the last generation. The example is our government makes many ways to develop our human resources in every period, such as free education, free health service, and etc. All the ways has aims to increase our human resource, included to increases nation children intelligent.

All government efforts will not be success if it is not backed up by parents. Parents have big part of children’s growing. Parents are leader and guardian for children. Children are family’s treasures. Develop children intelligent similar to increase family welfare. It means that parents must help their children to increase their IQ. To get bright generation in the future, we must ascertain that our children now have good guidance and leading. Not only these but also children must get enough nutrients so that their growth can optimal.

Children need enough nutrients in their growth. In Indonesia, beggary has close relation with nutrient crisis. Fact proves that in Indonesia there are 32 million children who survive under beggary point and if this condition happen continually, the impacts is Indonesia’s IQ average point will go down until 15 point. Why the IQ can go down? It is because children do not get good nutrients. Without duly nutrients giving, brain cannot do its work to manage body working, memorize, or do other jobs. Complete all brain needs is very important to keep brain’s affectivity. The newest united nation survey said that many nations fail to grow because they cannot keep the stability of the growth. This condition can happen because the next generation does not have intelligent enough to keep the growth. The same survey also said that this condition can happen because the community’s brain does not have enough nutrients. The other survey, PERC (political Economic Risk Consultancy) in 2000 was viewed that Indonesia’s labors is the worst in Asia with 6.8 point. Other countries like Thailand with 5 point, Philippines with 4 point, Malaysia with 5.56 point. The highest point is 10 and this point means the worst. Lack for nutrients of brain is the important factor of low ability thinks of our community so that in Asia level, Indonesia cannot compete. But, in fact, Indonesia has big potential of nutrients for brain.
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Virginia Carrol
binsus newbie
binsus newbie
Virginia Carrol

Female Number of posts : 8
Age : 26
Location : Tomohon
Reputation : 0
Registration date : 2009-03-13

Chapter 1 : The Miracle of Children Mind Improving Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1 : The Miracle of Children Mind Improving   Chapter 1 : The Miracle of Children Mind Improving EmptySun Aug 09, 2009 1:31 pm


Human’s brain consists of 100 billion nerves and each one of them is concerned with 10 thousands other nerves. Brain is same as a conductor of orchestra for human. Brain is all information processor inside body. Brain is valuable for everyone, included to children.

Mind is the most gigantic force, especially in children world. All their minds everyday will regard their life’s aspects. Attitude, option, personality, and who are them as one individual are products of their minds.

All of us want to have next intelligent generation whose have positive attitude, can make best choice, and feel happy and proud with all of they have. These things are so clear but many people have confused about how they can help children to render that things. Before, the study about mind power is not too understood by people. Fortunately, now the mind power is practiced by millions people around world. Contemporary media, like magazines, television documentaries, or science journal like The New England Journal of Medicine, is full of mind power benefits explanation. Sportsman like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan also explain how the brain exercises to increase their IQ can complete their physics exercises and they get great benefits from it. Celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Carey also explain that have high IQ help them to adapt easily. Most of brain exercises to increase IQ which is done regularly will develop performance and achievements.

Mind power is based on science finding that the most purity and the deepest of all things is energy. Your wallpaper, your t-shirt, your book in your hands, and all things around you has the basic level and it is energy. Our minds also have the similar energy and are the best force. Mind tries to find forms, always search new ways, and always tries to manifest itself into its physical parallelism continually.

Mind can exampled with fire spatter. Why? Because, although that spatter contain essential and flame potential force but that spatter manifest itself in to glint and get lost quickly. Because of that, a self-supporting mind does not have many forces. But, after through many exercises, the mind can focus on one spot and the force can increase folded double. If the exercises repeat progressively, the energy which produced will be great.

The teachers and child psychologists believe that self-esteem, self-image, and characteristic of children are formed since the children concept about this world. To make a child grow to be ideal person is needed many supportive things, included nutrition. Intelligence is understood with two phases. The first is intelligence as one skill to understand information which cans build knowledge and consciousness. The second is intelligence as skill to process information so that problems solved.

Brain improves itself every time but there is a period when brain can develop quickly. It is the first three years. Science says that brain developing in the first three years regard brain developing in the future. The most important part in our body, brain, is developed about 70% - 80% in the first three years.

According to explaining before, it means that brain must be nursed well, especially in the first three years. The modestly medium is through nutrients. Nutrients giving for brain can optimize brain working. Consume several nutrients can help brain to think and understand something better than before. Remember that brain needs half of body’s nutrients needs.

1.3. Goals

This book has aims to increase nation children intelligent through study about how brain amends so that makes impact on IQ developing in children’s potential period and what the ways so that the IQ of children can be developed, especially through nutrients giving and brain exercises.

1.4. Objectives

The objects of this book are parents, teachers, and all people, except children. The intentions why writer choose them as the objects is there are hopes that they can develop children intelligent because they are people who have part in children’s intelligent developing.

1.5. Methodology

To complete this book, writer use several methods to get accurate data in this book writing. The methodology that writer use is:

· Descriptive; writer observe directly the behavior of the people who have IQ more than 132 points. Writer chooses this point because according to fact that people who has IQ more than 132 points do not have typical educability limitation. It means that IQ more than 132 points is more than enough of the standard IQ which must has by Any Ph. D. at 3rd-Tier Schools.

· Historic methods; writer observe IQ developing year by year through psycho test document. Writer get assumption that IQ value of senior high school student is not too difference with their IQ after gold period. If there are children that have significant progress of IQ, it just little bit of all conditions that happened. So, this method is enough to be accurate data,

· philosophy/psychology; this method help writer to study about the personality and temperament of children who have high IQ,

· questionnaire; this methods help writer to study about the impact of IQ developing in gold period for future. So, writer dealt out the questionnaire for teens that have IQ point more than 132.

· literature review; writer use this method to study about brain developing in gold period of children,

· interview; writer use this methods to understand about IQ developing which is facilitated by parents and teacher also about nutrients which children need to develop their IQ. The sources of this method are psychology and nutritionist,

· and grounded research; grounded research is the opponent of ex post facto research which use theory to solve one problem, grounded research use problem to make one theory. So, through this method, writer take data of parent’s methods to lead children because the good trick teaches have relation with brain developing which also influence IQ developing.
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Chapter 1 : The Miracle of Children Mind Improving
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